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You will definitely know that you are in the Charente when you get to the tiny, provincial Angouleme Airport. The Angouleme Airport is located in the middle of countryside and is little more than country outpost.

The Angouleme Airport is between the towns of Brie and Champniers. The airport is about 10 miles from Angouleme and 33 miles from Cognac. This map gives you an idea of the airport’s location. You can find the address of the Angouleme Airport here.

The Angouleme Airport is in the Charente department (16) and the Poitou-Charentes region.

The airport is not located close to any Autoroutes (Motorways). The closest are the A10 to the west and north, the A20 to the east and the A89 to the south. The airport is near the N10 national road that is at times a dual carriageway with a maximum speed of 110 Kph (68 mph). The A10 is called L'Aquitaine and runs from Paris to Bordeaux.

If you are arriving by car from the Angouleme or Cognac areas, you might be surprised that there is no big sign indicating "Angouleme Airport." There is merely a sign reading "Chambre de commerce…etc" The only give away that you are at the airport is the door that reads "Arrivals," just to the left of the main entrance. The main entrance is a bit strange in that it has a tent passageway that leads into the airport’s one and only hall.

There is no public transportation at the Angouleme Airport but there is taxi service with a stand in front. The cost to take a taxi to Angouleme is about 22 € and it is 83 € to Cognac.
If you are looking for a Taxi company you can use ArTaxi16. You can read a review of ArTaxi16.

The pre kilometre rate for a taxi in the Charente department is €1.48 one way during the day. If you want to get an idea of how much a taxi might cost you can use For departure put in ANG in the ‘Place’ field and select France – Dom for country.

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